In this project, I designed a system that allows composting in urban areas to be more convenient. 
Traditional backyard composting requires the ratio of "brown" (dead and dry components) and "green" (live components) to be 3:1. The process also requires a lot of effort and time. 
Currently, organic waste composts 30% of the landfill. In the landfill, organic matters decompose very slowly. Composting is a good solution to reduce the waste that enters the landfill. The nutrient can be cycled back to the soil. However, the current composting rate is only 6.3%.
After some interviews with the people who are currently composting in the cities, I find out that there are two types of service: drop off and pick up. 
The cylinder-shaped brown mix keeps the ratio of green to brown at 1:3. This can be put directly into the big bucket. Then the food scraps can go inside this. 
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